WheelBe helps the workshops to provide a personalized service experience and allows their customers to tell the story of their vehicles.

Know the state of the car

By knowing the state of the car, mechanical failures are prevented, the high costs of repairs are avoided, contamination and accident risks are prevented..

Link between workshops and clients

WheelBe will keep records of your services. This information will be available so that your workshop is aware of your upcoming services and will inform you about promotions.

Maintenance and Billing History

With WheelBe you can access the maintenance and billing services history to be able to show and obtain a higher resale price in the market.


Movile App for Car Owners

WheelBe has an app for vehicle owners in which the history of each car is created.

  • Know the status of your car.
  • Visualize your services history.
  • Keep track of scheduled and unscheduled expenses.
  • Schedule your next services.
  • Emergency? Find the closest trusted workshops.
  • Did you sell your car? Transfers the car history to its new owner.
  • No more surprises, get fair treatment and prices with your workshop.

Web App for Mechanical Workshops

WheelBe está diseñado para que los talleres mecánicos puedan ofrecer la mejor experiencia de servicio a sus clientes.

  • Conoce de cerca a tus clientes y bríndale una experiencia mas personalizada.
  • ¿Tienes promociones? Ponte en contacto con los clientes vía notificaciones.
  • Genera fidelidad con tus clientes y conviértelo en mayores ingresos.
  • Configura hojas de inspección de manera muy facil.
  • Visualiza reportes de servicios llevado a cabo.
  • Ponte en el mapa para que te encuentren facilmente.


  • Coming Soon